.NET Laboratory
Are you interested in mastering the .NET Engineer profession, enhancing your skills in this field under the guidance of experienced mentors and gaining practical experience? We invite candidates with confident knowledge in software development to participate in this program!
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Program start
13 weeks

Participants will receive all the necessary information and mentorship support from EPAM mentors to easily grasp the profession. Candidates who successfully complete the program with high results will receive invitations to interview for EPAM projects and join Ukraine's largest IT company. Participants in the Laboratory undergo training in a relatively intensive format, with an average commitment of 20 hours per week for learning and project work. The duration of the stay in the Laboratory depends on the individual candidate's results, but after 3-4 months, participants can expect their first interviews for production roles.


Registration and testing deadline: June 14, 2024, 18:00

Training start date: July 1

Schedule: Flexible schedule for completing practical tasks, self-study with materials and interaction with mentors

Learning intensity: Average of 20 hours per week

Language: Educational content available in English, mentor sessions in Ukrainian

Limited number of seats: Participants with the highest results from all selection stages will receive invitations to the program

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate and candidates with the best results will have the opportunity to interview with EPAM in Ukraine and receive an offer.

What is required for training:
  • English proficiency level from B1 (Intermediate) and higher
  • Development skills in C# and experience with .NET Core/.NET 6
  • Understanding of Web API working principles
  • Understanding of basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with version control systems - Git
  • Good communication skills and the ability to solve problems effectively
  • Confident knowledge of algorithms and data structures, basic concepts of OOP, and SOLID principles will help in mastering the educational program more easily
  • Knowledge of Angular and cloud technologies (AWS or Azure) will be an additional advantage
How to get started?
  1. Confirm your English level. An English test will be available in your profile on the portal immediately after registering for the program. The test must be completed BEFORE THE REGISTRATION PHASE ENDS.
  2. Pass the .NET Technical Test. It consists of two stages: a theoretical test and a practical assignment. The link to the Learn Path, which contains the theoretical test and the practical assignment, will be sent to you by mail immediately after registration.
  3. Complete the general interview with a recruiter. Invitations will be sent to candidates who successfully pass the technical test and confirm their English proficiency.
  4. Receive an invitation for a technical interview. Invitations for the interview will be extended to all candidates who successfully pass the previous stages.
  5. Receive an invitation to the Laboratory and do your best!
What will you learn?
1. .NET & C#
2. Relational Databases and NoSQL
3. ASP.NET Core
4. Unit Testing and TDD
5. Front-End Basics
6. Design Patterns and Application Architecture
7. Engineering Excellence (EngX)
8. Clouds Fundamentals
9. Generative AI for productivity
  • Only Ukrainian citizens residing in Ukraine can participate in the program.
  • The program start date may change so that the selection period may be adjusted accordingly. Please regularly check for updates on this page and check your email.
  • This course is not available for EPAMers. Feel free to contact your Training Coordinator or Resource Manager regarding other opportunities available within the company.
  • Considering the limited number of spots in the program, invitations will be extended to candidates with the highest results in the selection stages.

Don't miss the opportunity to become a Junior .NET Engineer in Ukraine's largest IT company! Register now!

.NET Laboratory
July · 13 weeks
Laboratory · Online
Registration closed

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