JavaScript Internship for University Students
Striving to gain market-oriented knowledge and skills to jumpstart your career in IT? Apply for this program and shape your professional path with EPAM experts.
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9 weeks

If you’re a university student seeking an opportunity to enhance your technical skills while gaining experience on a real project within a dynamic team, then this JavaScript internship is what you need.

Showcase your knowledge and join our intensive program to:

  • Gain hands-on experience by developing a cutting-edge project and contributing to the digital transformation of a traditional bookstore
  • Learn industry best practices through immersion in JavaScript coding standards, Agile methodologies and key technologies like Git
  • Collaborate with seasoned professionals of different project roles and benefit from personalized mentorship

Upon completing the internship, you will have the market-oriented expertise required to confidently steer your career path in tech.

Training process

The program consists of two stages:

  • The first one lasts ~2 weeks and requires ~40 hours of weekly engagement. The internship begins with the kick-off meeting, where you will receive comprehensive instructions for your learning journey. Over this time, you will have access to a self-paced course with theoretical materials, complemented by regular Q&A sessions with mentors.
  • The second stage extends for ~1.5 months and requires ~40 hours of weekly engagement. It includes studying more advanced theoretical materials, participating in regular Q&A sessions with mentors and developing a real-world project, culminating in a final presentation.
What is required for training:
  • English level from B1 (Intermediate) and higher
  • Proficient knowledge of HTML (including HTML document structure, tags and attributes, layouts and semantic tags and formatting various types of content)
  • Basic understanding of CSS (including common CSS concepts, the box model and CSS layout techniques)
  • Entry-level knowledge of JavaScript (including data types, control flow, DOM manipulation, objects and asynchronous programming techniques)

Nice to have:

  • Understanding of responsive CSS layouts and experience with CSS pre- and post-processes
  • Grasp of JavaScript build tools and package managers
  • Basic knowledge of design patterns
  • Familiarity with React fundamentals
  • Understanding of Git
How to get started?
  1. Register on this page. Once you fill in all the required fields and attach the CV, you will find the confirmation with more details in your mailbox or notifications tab.
  2. Take an English test available in your profile. You should pass it within 3 days and reach the B1 (Intermediate) result to proceed.
  3. Pass an entry technical assessment. After successfully passing the English test, you will receive the link to complete the quiz and tasks within 3 days, which will take ~4 hours in total.
  4. Have an interview with a recruiter. Our specialist will contact you by phone to ask some general questions if you complete the previous steps successfully.
  5. Pass an online technical interview. For about 1.5 hours, you will communicate with the production specialist and showcase your current JavaScript knowledge.
  6. Receive an invitation and start the internship. We will inform you of the enrollment results by July 1 and share further instructions for your learning journey if you are admitted.

Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to make sure you get all important notifications.

What will you learn?
Based on your assessment results, we will craft a customized learning path designed to expand your technical knowledge and provide you with a valuable production-like experience.
Coding skills
Project skills
Please read this info before registration
  • This program is tailored for Lithuanian university students pursuing technical studies, whether at a technical university or another institution with a technical focus.
  • Considering the limited number of slots for this internship, the order of application and the assessment results will be decisive factors in our selection process.
  • The program start date may change, so the selection period may be adjusted accordingly. Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to keep up with all vital notifications.
JavaScript Internship for University Students
July Β· 9 weeks
Internship Β· Online
Registration closed

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