Automated Testing in Python Laboratory Online 2024
Striving to gain market-oriented knowledge and skills to jumpstart your career in IT? Apply for this program and shape your professional path with EPAM experts.
Program start
16 weeks

If you want to get acquainted with one of the most popular programming languages and learn to ensure the utmost quality of digital products, then this mentoring program is what you need. 


Our learning path offers you a step-by-step approach to gaining in-depth knowledge in this direction. By participating, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Systemize Python programming language knowledge and master it more
  • Deep dive into testing theory and processes
  • Explore and practice test automation frameworks and related tools
  • Work with practitioners in Python Test automation which helps you to grow fast


Upon the completion of training and passing assessment, you will get a certificate and have a solid foundation for further growth as a Python Test Automation engineer.

What do we offer?
  • Part-time job with education within an IT company. As a leading software engineering company, we will help you explore emerging technologies and best practices, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge that the current market seeks.
  • Top-notch learning materials. Our curriculum is designed by specialists with extensive project experience and validated in hundreds of training runs.
  • Practice-oriented approach. This comprehensive program focuses on providing you with hands-on experience and practical application of the concepts learned.
  • Deep dive into the specialization. Our graduates become highly skilled specialists ready to face complex technical challenges and work with the world's leading customers.
  • Support from experienced mentors. We will guide you at advanced training stages, covering your questions and sharing feedback on assigned tasks.
Training process
  • We offer you a program under production experts supervision and self-paced content to study comfortably.
  • Education usually lasts about 3-4 months in a part-time engagement. Dedicated time depends on your current level of knowledge.


Upon program completion, you may be able to continue your full-time career path according to demonstrated skills and available opportunities at EPAM.

What is required for a part-time job?
  • English speaking level from B2 (Upper-Intermediate) and higher 
  • Analytical thinking
  • General computer science knowledge 
  • Strong Python Core knowledge and understanding of algorithms
  • Testing theory and processes understanding
  • Familiarity with Automated testing in Python
  • Ability to work with self-study materials and meet deadlines

Nice to have:  

  • Resourcefulness in solving non-standard tasks  
  • Understanding database, API testing, UI testing, Test Automation frameworks
How to get started?
  1. Register on this page. Once you fill in all the required fields, you will find the confirmation with more details in your mailbox or notifications tab.
  2. Take an English test available in your profile. You should complete it within 5 days after your registration and reach the B1 (Intermediate) level result to proceed. 
  3. Pass a preliminary technical test. You should take it within 2 weeks by accessing the "My applications" section after logging in on our website.
  4. Receive an invitation to the general and technical interviews. We will send it via your profile's email right after the successful test completion and your application review. In addition, you will get recommendations on how to prepare for the interview.


Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to make sure you get all important notifications. 

What will you learn?

The program will take approximately 4 months to complete, during which you will dive into: 

  • Software testing theory
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Databases
  • API testing
  • Pytest framework
  • Selenium
  • Locators
  • Robot framework
Useful links

To be prepared for passing test successfully please review the following materials:


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Automated Testing
Automated Testing is the process of running software tests automatically. It accelerates routine testing and examines inaccessible for manual testing code areas.
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Automated Testing in Python Laboratory Online 2024
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